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Procurement, fabrication and installation of the following:


-Dismantling of existing steelwork to be removed from rooftop with crane


-Supply and install of 3No- 139.7 x 5 mm upper poles complete with 3No- lower poles x 114.3 x 5 mm poles complete with splice plate connections secured to as per drawing 505issue B2. Poles would need to be built up before lifting with Yokes on and poles, assume the antennas would go on at ground level as well


-120 mm holes formed through existing roof cladding system, to lower poles through a 120 Dia hole sawn hole in the Ziploc

-On site not as Drg’s as RWDP in the way for all 3No- Bracket locations, existing column will have to come out 1st to miss RWDP. All 3 area brackets will have to be modelled to suit/miss existing RWDP, bracings, Z purlins and ideally sit between the 300 wide ZipLoc roof sheets to stand a chance of waterproofing with a Dektite. Bracket design needed approving prior to fabrication


-Brackets installed before crane lift, taken up in lift, 1 off 2.7m high vertical ladder and 1 off 3.5m vertical ladder


-Free standing handrail on plant roof as measured on site


-Upper roof walkway with single handrail clamped to existing Ziploc


-Supply and install 3No- GH 6 x 1 gland frames completed with wedge kits as detailed on drawings. These required rubber gasket to seal against existing sheets along with silicone sealer

-All new poles needed LP extended and secured to poles along with all the handrail


-Existing poles for both to remain in place


-Fabrication and installation of 2No- step overs to allow safe access over existing safety line, proposed steps secured to existing roof system


-Supply of handrail and secured/modified existing to increase height around step overs to ensure correct height for handrails


-Detailed drawings supplied prior to manufacture


-Works based on CE Class 2


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